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ELEXCON 2009-China Hi-Tech Fair Offers Multinational Companies

 Date:2012年02月02日      Clicks:4101

ELEXCON 2009-China Hi-Tech Fair Offers Multinational Companies
New Ways to Tap Into High-Growth China Markets

    China continues to evade the global economic downturn that has impacted much of the developed world since mid-2007, thanks to a series of national stimulation policies and moves to mature and tap the nation’s vast rural consumer market.  With China’s 1Q-2009 vehicle sales surpassing those in the United States for the first time ever, and other high-growth China markets forecasted to follow suit, multinational companies are beginning to recognize China’s economic leadership and are now looking to expand their market presence in China. 
    In 2009, the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) initiated its subsidy program to help spread the use of electronics to homes in rural areas, and authorized its 3G licensing program to enable the expansion of China’s wireless infrastructure. Now, the Chinese government has issued a plan to help stimulate technology innovation and expansion of China’s computing, communications and information technology (IT)/infrastructure markets, the keys to China’s future.  
   The positive market impact of these bold moves is evident in the nation’s financial report: China’s 1Q-GDP is up 6.1% compared to the same period of last year. Also, according to a research conducted by the organizing committee of China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON, multinational enterprises that suffered contraction due to the global financial crisis have now adjusted their overseas strategy. With strong confidence in the long-term development of the Chinese economy, these corporations are determined to expand their China investments and accelerate their localization process. Enterprises such as Samsung, HP, Intel, Siemens, and 3M have recently announced their China expansion plans. In addition, The American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham-China) recently published results of its business climate survey: over 80% of the American enterprises participating in the survey hold an optimistic 5-year outlook for their business in China, with 73% reporting plans to expand their investment in China.
International Companies Gather at China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON 2009,
Focus on Emerging Technologies and Applications

    ELEXCON, the most important event about electronic exhibition of components, materials & assemblies in China, brings together international experts and the hottest applications, offering a key gateway for overseas suppliers looking to enter the China market. In recent years, ELEXCON has become the “must attend” event for multinational component companies looking to learn about the China electronics market, and now serves as their primary channel for gathering strategic international market intelligence. In fact, according to a survey made by the ELEXCON show organizer, multinational exhibitors benefited greatly from attending ELEXCON 2008 to learn about emerging China trends and applications such as 3G, netbook and the proliferation of various rural home appliances. Some companies even reported a double-digit growth in their 1Q-2009 sales revenues, which they attributed to moves they made to expand their China market presence, based on intelligence learned at ELEXCON.

    This year’s ELEXCON 2009 event will again focus on emerging technologies and application, including 3G, netbook, automobile electronics, industrial electronics and energy-saving applications. The event includes a series of high-end seminars and forums, which will be held in parallel with the vendor exhibition: The CMMF2009-China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Technology Forum and 3G Design & Mobile Key Components Seminar will focus on 3G mobile phone designing and manufacturing technology. The PCF2009-International Passive Components Technology and Market Development Forum will offer components manufacturers new insights into key innovations in components technology and materials. And the newly introduced MCU! MCU! 2009 Forum will cover the industry’s hottest applications.

    In short, the China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON 2009 offers multinational companies unequaled opportunities to learn about and tap into the high-growth China markets. Those interested in attending or learning more about ELEXCON 2009 should visit www.elexcon.com .

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