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Trantek Electronics Co.,Ltd

Professional design, stable quality and fast response to mainland China to provide our clients with world-class products and localization services。


    Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 1998 , Trantek Electronics Co. , Ltd.specializes in designing , developing and manufacturing the digital encoders , electronic switches, connectors, etc . They are widely used in PC mouse , keyboard, digital audio, household appliance, handset communication equipment, office equipment, test apparatus and industry control equipment, etc.
    Trantek is awarded as the provincial Hi-tech Enterprise and the Municipal RD Center. It has passed ISO14001:2004、ISO9001:2008、ISO/TS16949:2009
All products are compliant with the certification of “UL”, “CUL”, “VDE”, “ENCE”, and “EK”. In addition, we have got lots of domestic and international patents for these products. The annual production achieves 600 million pieces , which sells wordwidely.
    We also provide the customerized technical solutions besides the standard products.
    We are ready to serve the valued customers based on the professional design, stable quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery.


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