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Huizhou steel trading center

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     Huizhou steel trading center was approved replica handbags outlet by the people's government of Huizhou, and the city industrial and commercial bureau registration key project, is invested by China ChenTong Metal (group) company ,Huizhou BaoLong investment Co., LTD, and Guangdong TTC investment Co., LTD.. Project is located in number 68 of Jinlong Road in Xiaojinkou of Huizhou city. The project total investment is 1 billion Yuan, has three phase of construction, and covers an area of 540000 square meters. In Huizhou municipal party prada leather replica handbags committee and the city government, city federations of industry and commerce (chamber), city steel chamber of commerce, under the guidance of the human chamber of commerce, based on the Huizhou, service enterprise deep, radiation Guangdong, innovation service mode, make steel industry intensive area public service platform, and promote the industry to upgrade and when the program is finished, it will become the largest modern professional steel business trade center in the eastern part of Guangdong.replica handbags wholesale
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