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WeiJing Hotel

Professional design, stable quality and fast response to mainland China to provide our clients with world-class products and localization services。

    Jinagxi Moon Mountain (ShunTian•WeiJing International)Spa Resort Hotel is the only five- star hot spring resorts hotel in the AAAA level scenic spot--Mingyue Mountain, the first installment of investment of it is up to 3.28 billion, which is one of wholesale replica louis vuitton important project items of Jiangxi Moon Mountain ShunTian Real estate Co.Ltd. This hotel is located at a rendezvous, where three rivers conjunct and mountains surround. It covers 16400 square meters. It has 330 deluxe rooms, 80 hot spring pools and premier deluxe tree house hot spring pools etc,. This project includes five-star hotel, seven-star hot spring centre, hot spring apartment, commercial district, YueQuan square, exclusive villa-cluster and so on. On the whole, it’s a centre of tourism, relaxation, shopping, entertainment, body-building and commercial meeting.400-051 exam

    The culture of the hotel is “the city of the moon, the heaven of the hot spring”, which fully embodies the folk culture of Chinese sprite. The four unique features it bears are the rare washable and edible hot spring with high selenium content, MingYue waterfall, religious holy place and the explosion of the works of Nature. Here you can indulge yourself in the bath of the hot spring, the forest and the moonlight, from where you can feel the harmony between fendi leather replica handbags the human being and the nature. If you check in our hotel, the A-level service, the natural oxygen bar and the hot spring heaven will leave you a deep impression.

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